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About KD Chic

           KD Chic is a new line of hats created by designer Krista Dresbach. Krista is largely inspired by ‘80s glam and music. She came up with the concept after discovering she liked adding flare to her wardrobe with striking pieces, and now her ideas have come to fruition. Her vision for KD Chic is to have her clientele feel bold and empowered when they wear her hats. Each hat is custom made and has a unique theme which tells a story, so each piece is one of a kind! They are meant to be worn anywhere, especially if you want to make a bold statement! Let KD Chic help you stand out in a crowd! 


           Krista Dresbach was born and raised in Michigan. While growing up, she always felt a little different from the other people around her. One day she went to a No Doubt concert and realized she loved the things Gwen Stefani embodied: glamour, empowerment, fashion, and femininity. This sparked Krista's passion for fashion, makeup, hair, and music. She then moved to Chicago to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology to study Fashion Design. There she made new friends that inspired her even more. She graduated from IADT with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts of Fashion. She also completed a study abroad program in London at AIU where she worked as an assistant for fashion designer Katarzyna Szczotarska. Her next step was to move to New York City to begin her career in fashion. After working as a design assistant and a freelance designer, she realized she wanted to be more hands on. She began working as a design assistant for Geoffrey Mac to make costumes for Lady Miss Kier of Dee-Lite.  Kier inspired Krista with the fun and bold fabrics she chose for her costumes. She then developed her skills in makeup and hair styling, and started working at Macy's Herald Square as visual merchandiser doing window displays. Macy’s allowed her many opportunities, including working with Betsey Johnson on the launch of her dress line. That experience inspired Krista to embrace her own creativity the way Betsey does, and immerse herself in things she loves. She used her knowledge and skills to design hats which combine all of the aesthetics that inspire her such as ‘80s, vintage, gold, jewelry, and all things glam. Krista Dresbach is not just a designer, she is a truly gifted artist.         

    Photo Credit: Brae Howard Photography

    Photo Credit: Brae Howard Photography