RAW:Jersey Accessories of the Year 2015

Congrats to KD Chic for receiving an award for "RAW:Jersey Accessories of the Year 2015." KD Chic would like to give thanks again to her models, backstage crew, family, and friends love and support. Without all this amazing support this couldn't have been possible. 


KD Chic


Last week we had an amazing fashion show in Philly at the Trocadero Theatre. The theme for the runway was "Andy Warhol Pop Art" inspired. Make-up is by Merritt Evelyn Christensen and Yashi DiazThe models were Paige Kelly, Romina, Danielle Lopenski, Julie Britton,  Kate Rybak, and Tashira Caragena. KD Chic backstage crew, Antwon Rhodes and Jessica Rose, were amazing at keeping everything going with wardrobe, wigs, and etc. Thanks to all the boutique owners that came out from F.A.N and Toile. Thank you to all the photographers that covered the show: Ivan Domazet, Ignacio Valencia, Gary Boswell, and Mrlightsmith. Also thank you to everyone else that came out to show their love and support. Special thanks to Andy Chen for being an amazing husband that did all the fashion show detail errands. 

RAW Jersey City April 17

Thanks to everyone for coming out to support KD Chic's fashion show! It was a hit! Thank you to all models, Shoshanna Withers, Yolanda Jackson, Gina Morisi, Michelle Kalinkina, Malik Johnson, Violetta Tadla, Max Perly, and Nichole. You guys were great you knew how to blow everyone away with your fierceness. I like to also thank makeup artists, Merritt Christensen and Jean Chang. Thanks for making my vision become a reality. And I would like to thank Jessica Rose and Antwon Rhodes for styling and directing. Finally I would like to thank my family, friends, and husband for your support in coming and buying tickets. MUAH! MUAH! MUAH!!!! xoxoxo

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